What is the CRM process?

The CRM process is a strategy that seeks to keep every customer interaction personal and meaningful, consisting of five main steps. A customer relationship management system (CRM system) provides your management team with the data and functionality they need to execute this strategy, and ultimately convert prospects into customers.

CRM Proses

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What is the CRM process cycle?

In order to understand the CRM process steps, you must first understand the customer life cycle. It’s one of the first concepts you learn as a sales representative to understand how someone can become a loyal customer.

This starts with customer outreach and acquisition and ideally leads directly to customer loyalty.

Steps in the CRM proces

Generate brand awareness

The first step to getting new customers is introducing them to your business. The marketing team usually performs this task through a number of actions, namely;

  1. master your target audience. Marketers must undertake research efforts to identify their target audience’s demographics, interests, preferred communication channels, what messages they respond to most, and what they care about.
  2. Segment your target audience. Audience personas were created for the purpose of being able to segment a brand’s target audience into similar groups based on similar interests or demographics as effortlessly as possible. This can help marketers identify the types of people most likely to become customers and who their campaigns should target.
  3. Create a marketing campaign that fits the target demographic. A/B testing and marketing automation can be used to identify what is working and what isn’t working, efforts to create unique campaigns for the segment as unique as those on social media or email, and to create a lead acquisition strategy.

Acquire leads

Promoting your brand to potential customers is only the beginning of the CRM process. From there, you should encourage them to learn more about your business and engage with it.

Depending on the structure of your company, this step and lead generation could be the responsibility of the marketing or sales team, or even both. Your marketing team, for example, might be a factor in encouraging website visitors to send their email to the CTA for signing up for a newsletter or social media giveaway.

Sales, on the one hand, can use their CRM system to set up live chat on your site. With this feature, your management team can proactively reach potential customers who will visit your website.

Convert leads into customers

You’ve successfully engaged with your prospects, then they are interested. and now it’s time to turn those prospects into customers.

To attempt to do so, the sales representative must first become skilled at identifying how interested the prospect is and, in particular, whether to get them interested enough to make a purchase. CRM systems can really help here.


Provide superior customer service

You’ve successfully converted your prospects into customers. But the CRM process does not end when the customer converts. To grow as a company, you must retain customers. what are you going to do to get the customer back? Great service from support.

According to Zendesk’s 2020 Customer Experience Trend Report, customer service is the single largest factor determining consumer loyalty to a brand. but on the other hand, poor customer service can make you lose your customers and will have a bad impact on your reputation.

The support team must be able to provide superior support whenever, wherever the customer expects it.

Drive upsells

How do you convince customers to switch products? Personalized recommendations via email are a pretty good place to start. You can use CRM to organize customers into smart lists based on the same purchase history.

You can then create a custom email template that sends relevant product releases to all subscriber lists at once. By using these policies, you can ensure that the promotional offers you’ve sent reach the people who are most likely to buy them.

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