What Is SaaS

What Is Software as a Service

Software as a Service (or SaaS) is a the way of delivered applications over the Internet as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you can use it only over the Internet, freeing you from complicated software and hardware management. 

SaaS applications are sometimes referred to as web-based software, subscription software, or hosted software. Whatever you call it, SaaS applications run on the servers of the SaaS provider. The service provider controls access to the application, including security, availability and performance. 

SaaS first became known in the 1950s, when an application running on a mainframe was delivered to a terminal remotely. But SaaS as we know it today began in 1999 when Salesforce launched its customer relationship management (CRM) system, built from the ground up as cloud-based software delivered to  browsers. 

SaaS is the most common public cloud service and the dominant software delivery model today. 

As companies become more comfortable operating in the cloud, SaaS solutions are becoming more common. While many end users can provision SaaS technology themselves, others find  they need a third party to help with integration, customization and security.

Learning  to analyze, evaluate and design cloud service solutions requires a thorough understanding of various commonly used components.

Software as a Service

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Advantages of SaaS 

Increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness are  reasons why many companies want to switch to cloud-based SaaS solutions. The advantages are: 

  1. Low costs of installation and infrastructure  
  2. Available everywhere 
  3. Scalability
  4. Leading Service Level Agreements (SLAS) for performance and availability
  5. Automatic regular updates
  6. The highest level of security demanded by all customers

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Examples of Software as a Service vendors 

Software vendors to offer Software as a Service-style software solutions that meet all business needs, from basic applications to advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Some Software as a Service companies and products include: 

  • ERP software from SAP 
  • HR software from Paychex 
  • Enterprise software from CA Technology 
  • Atose communications SaaS solutions 
  • (CRM) software from Salesforce 
  • SAP message 
  • Microsoft Office 365 
  • Dropbox File Storage Service 

The Future Software as a Service

The Future  The future promises a significant boost in the adoption of  cloud services as companies design and develop new technologies to meet demand. Some companies predict a renaissance in SaaS technology with a strong focus on mobile devices. 

As technology evolves, so do Software as a Service models. But the fact is that off-the-shelf tools will always have a place in business. Overall, Software as a Service offers a wide range of benefits that serve the interests of both vendors and users. Companies will continue to need qualified IT professionals who can analyze, evaluate and design cloud service solutions that meet their current and future needs. 

Whether you’re looking to work in the cloud  or simply expand your knowledge, be sure to check out our other cloud computing resources.

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