What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s first customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We help your marketing, sales, sales, service and IT teams work as a single unit anywhere – so you can make your customers happy everywhere. 


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What does Salesforce do? 

We bring companies and customers together. 

Salesforce connects your marketing, sales, sales, service and IT teams anywhere with Customer 360, a single integrated CRM platform that works across our suite of connected applications. With Customer 360, you can focus your employees on what’s important now: stabilizing your business, reopening and restoring an exceptional customer experience. 

What is Salesforce used for? 

  • Attracting more buyers through personal marketing.
  • Win more customers by learning about their needs and concerns.
  • Give your customers the excellent shopping experience they expect.
  • Respond faster to customer support issues in any channel.

What does Salesforce stand for? 

Our key values help establish Salesforce as a platform for change.

Since we started in a small apartment in San Francisco in 1999, we have believed that being successful as a company means doing good in the world. That’s why we’ve invested our time, equity and products in improving education, equality and the environment for all. 

What do we do for people? 

Our technology helps people create better jobs, lives, businesses and communities. 

When you buy Salesforce, you’re not just buying a CRM platform; you’ll join an inclusive community of over 10 million innovators, disruptors and community builders we call Pioneers. With Trailhead’s free online education, they learn skills to improve their business and career. 

Turn every customer interaction into reasons to love your brand. 

See all possible interactions with your business with a CRM platform that connects your entire business. 

Guides clients from awareness to impact. 

Reach customers at any stage of the customer lifecycle, including awareness, acquisition, engagement, engagement, advocacy and retention. 

Connect any device to any channel. 

Manage customer journeys across email, mobile apps and messaging, social media, advertising, websites, IoT, communities, sales reps and service partners. 

Get your team smarter and more creative.

Achieve better results through smarter decisions with one integrated platform of data and tools, increasing your team’s speed and agility. 

Engage customers with one integrated platform to connect sales, service and marketing. 

Share information and collaborate across teams to create integrated marketing campaigns that deliver results. 

Build applications that delight customers and increase productivity

Make every worker faster, smarter, and happier.

Achieve results in every role and department in your business on a secure and scalable platform. Get the fast, smart, mobile tools that make Salesforce the #1 CRM in the world. 

Update faster with one click or code. 

Integrate sales, service, marketing and IT with a single customer view across the organization 

Delight customers with the applications they love. 

Provide engaging and highly personalized experiences that please your customers at every touchpoint.

Empower employees to do more than ever before.

Create a unified, customizable user experience that encourages collaboration and increases productivity. 

Build your entire business on a customer success platform

Integrate sales, service, marketing and IT to create a unified view of the customer across the organization.

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